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Climate Change, is it Man Made or Not, I think Not!

Is it man-made, Climate Change I think not, made by the Sun is Climate Change!

Climate Change, yes we are still on the climate change theme, I had three tweets in reply which made the case for man-made climate change but I do wish commentors would comment on the blog rather than Twitter or perhaps that just means they have not read the article on the blog which is typical of the man-made climate change fraternity!

The tweets are below, together with their relevant links, which are quite convincing if you are blind but we don’t hide or censor anything on this side of the argument, see our links below under Further reading.

AI_AGW says: @dalewood There are multiple lines of direct observations that humans are causing global warming

AI_AGW says: @dalewood CSIRO: Human activities are changing the climate

AI_AGW says: @dalewood What Do We Know About Climate Change?

It is very simple, no one is saying that Climate Change isn’t happening, it is and has been changing all through the entire existence of our planet and will continue until the death of our planet but to attribute it to little old us is nonsense, that is not to say we have had no impact at all but our impact has been small.

As I said in my previous post, the link is under Further reading, the proof that the Climate change lobby is wrong is seen in the way they try to suppress any alternative argument even to the point of calling any opposing argument racist! Of course we must continue to look for different/cleaner forms of power/energy, look at sea defences etc. but really that has been going on for thousands of years, it is just the way the climate zealots sell their theories and force them on to the rest of the world, there has never actually been a consensus amongst scientists for the Man Made Global Warming Theory but there has been a consensus within the minority Liberal Elite who think they have a right to rule this planet.

To look at the Man Made Global Warming Theory from a different standpoint, even if I agreed with the theory the total UK output of CO2 as a proportion of the rest of the world is 2%, the major players in CO2 output are the US, India and China who are not going to sacrifice growth by limiting CO2 output so even if we cut our CO2 output in half, and destroy our economy in the process, it would make little difference.

We should look to reduce CO2 output but as a natural progression, at the appropriate time within the economic cycle and not impose it when every economy is under severe strain and under false a pretence!

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