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Climate Change, of course it is happening, NO ONE ANYWHERE denies it!

Climate Change, it is a debate which is badly distorted by the Climate Change/Global Warming lobby, we are called Climate Change deniers but no-one is denying that Climate Change is happening, it has, is and will always be a force we have to deal with!

The human race is insignificant when compared to the power of Nature, do we really think we can safely control Climate Change or effect it in any significant way?

climate changeClimate Change, of course it is happening, how can anyone deny it, it has been happening since the earth was first formed and will continue till the earth is made a very unwelcome place to be by the sun but we have about 2/3 billion years to sort that out, remember the whole span of recorded human history is only about 5,000 years, a mere pin prick in the life span of the earth.

The two biggest effectors on our climate and Climate Change are the sun which has a major effect, we are currently going through a quiet period in suns activity and the moon which effect tides etc; each year the moon actually moves fractionally further away and over time, a very long time, will also have a major effect on our climate.

I ask you, do you really think we can control either the sun or the moon, records show that in fact so called global warming has had little effect on temperature as over the past 20 years the earths temperature remaining static but again the earths temperature has been going up and down over its entire history, taking the UK, in Roman times the climate was hot enough to grow grapes, in the 1600s we had ice fairs on the river Thames and in the 1700s the whole south of England was under major flooding.

You will notice in the first article, under further reading, that so called global warming is not effecting the Antarctic ice shelf which has just recorded its LOWEST EVER melt, worth a read but there are things we can do and one of them is to stop eroding the earths ability to cope with Climate Change and the second article below, under further reading explains how European Union grants to farmers which encourages them to cut down the very trees which soak up the storm could have been a major element in the recent flooding in the UK, just another form of dangerous European Union Meddling!

I ask you, do you really think we can control either the sun or the moon?

This is the same as cutting down the Rain Forests, and we are not talking about their effect on CO2 absorption/emissions which over the lifetime of a tree is basically neutral, we are talking about the trees ability to soak up/control moisture/water and in effect control the effects of climate Change!

For the moment the Climate Change or Global Warming band wagon is an hysterical and expensive movement earning fortunes for people who don’t actually understand the subject, in fact in reality no one does and whilst it has always made sense to continually clean up our human activities the answer to Climate Change is not in masses of wind farms but in learning to cope with Climate Change and to stop depleting the earths ability to reduce the effect.

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