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Clegg, European Union and the Fantasy Politics of the Lib Dem’s

Clegg just just put out a party political broadcast on behalf of the Lib Dem’s and very well presented it was too but as with most Lib Dem policy Nick Clegg portrayal of the facts owed much to the fantasy land most Lib Dem’s live in.

The Clegg main thrust was that leaving the European Union would put the current economic recovery in question and probably destroy growth all together with a massive negative impact on jobs!

The Nick Clegg claim is of course nonsense, the current recovery owes little or nothing to the European Union (EU), the EU single market is a very important export market for us and our presence in that market is even more important to the European Union because our trade runs at between a £3/4billion deficit, we are the biggest trading partners worldwide for both Germany and France.


Nick Clegg
Deputy Prime Minister and Lib Dem Leader

That said 65% of our trade is outside the EU single market and the main brakes on an even faster and bigger recovery have been 1) the near disintegration of the Euro-Zone 2) recession throughout the EU 3) the Lib Dem’s determination to scupper a really competitive economy through their attitude to government and taxation. 

The UK are the biggest trading partners worldwide for both Germany and France.

Clegg went on to state that leaving the EU would cost the UK thousands of jobs because of the trade we would lose by leaving the EU, again this is Clegg nonsense, it is written into the EU charter that if a country leaves the European Union they have the right to negotiate a trading agreement with the single market and if you take into account our imports from the EU they can’t afford to lose us and in any negotiation we will definitely be in the £seats. 

So let us not forget, despite scaremongering by Clegg, that when we vote in the European Union Parliamentary Elections on the 22nd of May 2014, the current economic recovery which is the strongest in the developed world owes little to the European Union, in fact the initial slowness of our recovery was caused by the European Union and the strength of our recovery would have been far stronger had the Conservative Party been free of Clegg and the Lib Dem Shackles!

In reality there is only one way to vote on the 22nd of May and that is to give the Conservative Party and Cameron a boot up the backside by voting UKIP and make UKIP our biggest party in the European Parliament, the boot up the backside is to remind Cameron that the public are serious. 

Also, it has now been proven that after the 2015 general election David Cameron is the only politician who will give you a say on our position in the European Union so in reality, for 70% of the country. the voting decisions for the 2014 EU Parliamentary Elections and the 2015 UK General Election are already made, don’t be bought by the bureaucrats from Brussels!

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