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Climate Change Predictions: What Went Wrong?

GWPF Newsletter 27/09/17 Global Warming Policy Forum Climate Change Predictions: What Went Wrong? Climate Change and as egg-on-face moments go, it was a double-yolker. Last week a group of climate scientists published a paper that admitted the estimates of global…

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Climate Change, of course it is happening, NO ONE ANYWHERE denies it!

Climate Change, it is a debate which is badly distorted by the Climate Change/Global Warming lobby, we are called Climate Change deniers but no-one is denying that Climate Change is happening, it has, is and will always be a force…

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Climate Change, Prince Charles and the Myths of Climate Change!

Climate Change, so now we have Prince Charles, of whom I am a great supporter, riding his own bandwagon on climate change and he is very genuine in his concerns and knowledgeable but the whole climate change debate is muddied…

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Climate Change, the Gravy Train No-One Dare Stop!

 Two of the gravy trains which support the political elite of the world are the European Union, which everyone involved in the inner workings are desperately trying to save and Climate Change which likewise supports thousand of people, some earning £millions based…

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Climate Change push by Al Gore, but climate change isn’t in question!

So Al Gore is making a push to convince us about climate change, could it be that he still doesn’t get it or has he just created a massive industry which can’t be halted? Climate change is happening, that is…

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Climate Change, is it Man Made or Not, I think Not!

Is it man-made, Climate Change I think not, made by the Sun is Climate Change! Climate Change, yes we are still on the climate change theme, I had three tweets in reply which made the case for man-made climate change…

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Climate Change, the Politically Correct Lie Exposed

Whilst whole industries have been built up to follow-up on the climate change myth, at last, the evidence that it is really just a politically correct con! Climate change and the fear built up by the politically correct climate brigade…

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