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3 Ways Your Website Can Generate Qualified Sales Leads!

Boyer Aaswan Cross Jan 03, 2014 The number of qualified sales leads that your company generates can take your overall sales and revenue growth to the next level, finding effective ways to attract these leads, however, can be confounding. It…

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Top Business Process Management Tips For Businesses

Bitton Avishai SamJan 16, 2014 When it comes to Business Process Management, it can be difficult to know where to start. Finding the processes that cater to the wants and needs of the clients is a grueling task that not…

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Hostgator and our Journey from 1and1, worrying times!

Hostgator is our new home, we have been quiet at ‘Its just life!’ for a few days, well just over a week, but it had to happen eventually and has been in and out of our plans for about a year,…

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Malware and Virus Attacks, it really is like a War out in Cyberspace!

It is Malware and Virus war, they come at you from all directions and you have to be so careful because it can close your site down, you can literally lose your business overnight but the defences are up, ready…

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Business, do you REALLY want to start a BUSINESS!

So you want to start a business, really, what sort of business, Internet/Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Restaurant, Bar, Taxi’s whatever they all have one thing in common, they are all hard work, far harder than working for someone! Business is…

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European Union, the Single Market and the dawning of reality!

European Union, yes, yet another post about the European Union and then I will try to leave it alone for a week, it will be hard, I keep reading that we are on the back foot, isolated and that Cameron’s…

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Management Development – Get Your Employees to Make a Decision

An essential part of management development is to get your employees thinking things through and making good decisions. An essential part of management development is to get your employees thinking things through and making good decisions, I started by talking…

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Politics, Bankers and the security of your money!

Remember the banking crises and all the politics and concerns about the security of bank deposits, how could you forget it! Think about the politics and all the concerns, we were told that the first

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Meeting Customers Needs through Management Development, Communication!

“If the goal of every business, management team is to make money, then the function of every business, of every person in every business – is the acquisition and maintenance of customers”   Philip Wexler said “If the goal of…

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Management and Leadership: What’s the difference?

Management and leadership are often described as if they are both the same but in reality they are very different. While there are areas of commonality there are areas of difference. So what are some of the differences? 1. Focus…

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