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A Huge Role In Saving The Lives Of People with Cancer.

Imagine being able to find out if you have any kind of cancer just as easily as you could high cholesterol. Almost too easy, right? Well, that day might come sooner rather than later.

Research scientists from Bradford University are developing a test that, if all goes to plan, will be able to detect all types of cancer from a small blood sample. According to the lead researcher Professor Diana Anderson, the test

involves putting white blood cells under UVA light, as they have discovered that the white blood cells of someone with cancer will react differently than one who does not. The research is still in its early stages, but if the team at Bradford can prove that their test works, it will be an incredible accomplishment. A simple and non-invasive way to detect cancer means faster and potentially cheaper diagnoses, which in turn means more survivors.

The researchers still have a lot of work ahead of them–a clinical trial is currently in progress–but even the smallest step towards a “universal” test for cancer is incredibly encouraging for the scientific community.

(via doxcole, Huffington Post, The Telegraph)

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