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Cameron shows courage and common sense in the politics of immigration BUT!

Cameron shows courage and common sense in the politics of immigration, Vince Cable shows his unsuitability for government.

Good speech on immigration by David Cameron its just a pity he did not make it before the election and he may have won a majority and not be tied down by the Lib Dem’s, it does though beg a question about David Cameron, is he a true Conservative with strongly held beliefs and principles or has he just latched on to the Conservative Party as a convenient train to power, believing in anything which will keep him in power?

Lets look at the keynote policies he used to win the most seats at the last general election and where we stand with those policies now:

  1. Ditch the European Court of Human Rights – as good as DITCHED.
  2. UK Charter of Human Rights – as good as DITCHED.
  3. Arms length policy towards the EU with repatriation of some powers and no further powers transferred to the EU – DITCHED
  4. Total support for our armed services – DITCHED.
  5. Repeal of the Harman equalities act – DITCHED.
  6. Action on fuel prices including a price escalator – fairly DITCHED, action on fuel prices are so small that they haven’t been noticed and in part relate to what hadn’t happened yet.

I ask now for the real David Cameron to stand up, he need to follow-up his speech on immigration with major moves on all the above keynote policies and bring David Davis back into cabinet, possibly as Deputy Prime Minister, the Lib Dem’s won’t like this policy shift but it is essential for the country, in any case I can’t see the coalition lasting much more than 18 months, once the AV vote is lost I can’t see Clegg holding things together so we must position ourselves correctly on these policies and if we can do that we will win a big overall majority.

One final thing, David Cameron must, he has to, sack Vince Cable as the man has no idea about the responsibilities of being in government, he is a liability and must go!

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