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Cameron and Osborne – the Train Crash of Political Careers!

Cameron and Osborne - never have two top political careers crashed to oblivion in the space of hours
Cameron and Osborne, never have two top political careers crashed to oblivion in the space of hours, I have been reading Craig Olivers 
account of happenings within Downing Street and it is a very lively account of events but it is a defence of the Remain campaign and a 
rewriting of history to justify their failures and failed to recognise that their failure was entirely self inflicted!

David Cameron
Prime Minister

The only campaign that was an honest campaign was the one run by Nigel Farage, not talking about UKIP but Nigel Farage, please let him remain in the mainstream of British politics. 

A recent poll has confirmed that more than 50% of those voting to leave, voted to take back control!

The other group who ran a basically honest campaign is the leave campaign, yes they may have exaggerated and left themselves open for press attacks but at least they stuck to the real reason for leaving the EU and what was that?

We did not fight two World Wars in which millions died for Trade, Immigration or Travel, we fought those wars for Freedom, Democracy, the Power to make our own Decisions

A recent poll has confirmed that more than 50% of those voting to leave, voted to take back control from Brussels, which was the real reason for voting to leave, we didn’t fight 2 World Wars, in which millions died, over Trade, Immigration or Travel, we fought those Wars for Freedom, Democracy, the Power to make our own Decisions.

George Osborne
Chancellor of the Exchequer

But Cameron and Osborne had it on a plate to win the Brexit referendum and go down in history as amongst the greats of the Conservative Party instead of as pariahs, on the Tony Blair level, within their own party and amongst the electorate, you see they lied to the electorate, not only during the Brexit referendum but during the last General Election.

During the run up to the 2015 General Election Cameron promised a new negotiation with the EU promising power flowing from Brussels to the UK, supremacy of National Parliaments, freedom to negotiate external trade deals etc. etc. I can visualise him now, no jacket, sleaves rolled up, raising his arm with a fist, saying that the Status quo in the EU is not an option!

David Cameron stated that if he failed in his renegotiation he would lead the campaign to Leave but when it came to the renegotiation he didn’t even ask for his main points, put forward 4 negatiating points to the EU which ammounted to vitually nothing and didn’t even get that, sweet diddly squat of nothing!

David Cameron didn’t even ask for what he had previously stated was the bottom line, remember “the Status Quo is not acceptable, David Cameron asked for the Status Quo and tried to sell as a great victory but it was only a great victory in achieving nothing and did not fool the people!

If David Cameron had stuck to his original 2015 Manifesto negotiating position, which he would not have achieved and then taken the lead in the Leave campaign he would have gone down in history as one of our top tier Prime Ministers dragging the reputation of Osborne with him but as with many times in the past his political antennae was non existant.

David Cameron in particular and George Osborne have basically been treating the voting public with contempt and when it did get to the Referendum they did not put one reason forward for Remaining in the EU, all they had was project fear which was embarrasing and when you treat the public with contempt Cameron and Osborne now know what the result will be.

Cameron had no option but to resign immediately, his political career had ended in FAILURE!

What Cameron and Osborne failed to grasp is that the Leave campaign was not about Immigration or Trade, it was about being a Free Soveriegn Nation, making our own Laws and the Supremacy of Parliament.

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