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Budget 2013, a confident performance by George Osborne.

Budget statement 2013, an interesting confident statement, all in all a very good budget given the financial constraints and the inevitable constraints imposed by the Lib Dem’s but all in all very good and will go a long way to restoring the reputation of George Osborne.

After last years omnishambles George Osborne had a reputation to restore and I think he just may have done that with this budget statement, especially as the green buds are there, they are just in disguise.


George Osborne
Chancellor of the Exchequer

Enjoy the budget statement 2013 LIVE with the Daily Telegraph

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We are in very tight times but Osborne, whilst sticking to his deficit reduction course produced several welcome rabbits out of the hat and of course although the official figures only show slow growth, albeit faster than both France and Germany, there are hidden green buds which indicate the economy is in better shape than the official figures show.

The real problem Osborne has is that although the Conservative Party has done some really good things in coalition government and made real savings because of the left-wing influence of the Lib Dem’s, the Labour Party, the press, Unions and the BBC the overall savings only amount to just over 2%.

This was of course inevitable because if you have a far left-wing party and a centre ground/right of centre party in coalition the eventual compromise will never be the ideal and this is proving a real brake on recovery rivalling the damage caused by our membership of the European Union but even taking all this into account all is not gloom and despair!        

Looking at the official Treasury growth figures, if you strip out North Sea oil and gas and financial services there was no double-dip recession, indeed, with these two sectors taken out, the economy has being growing at between 1 and 2 per cent for the past two years which is far ahead of France and Germany and very creditable especially when you take into account what has happened in the Euro-Zone which was not predictable at the time of Osborne’s first budgets.

So although George Osborne is pledged to accept the figures put out by the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) his own treasury figures give him some confidence that all he needs is time, the Treasury figures are also supported by the strange anomaly that whilst, according to OBR figures, the economy has been stalling 1.25m jobs have been created by the private sector, record numbers of businesses have been started, house prices are rising, for the first time we are exporting more cars than we sell in this country and our exports outside the European Union (EU) are much greater the our exports to the EU. 

So we have much to be optimistic about but the real surge will be difficult until we can implement sensible conservative policies currently largely blocked by the Lib Dem’s but come on, this is an emotive subject, what are your views, comment below and if you think this article deserves it please LIKE us on the ‘Its just life’ FACEBOOK page!  

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