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Brexit – EU are just trying to Crash the Talks!

Brexit – Just how can Juncker and Barnier be so naive, do they really think they can fool the people all the time!

So Juncker and Barnier think the UK Brexit position papers are not up to scratch but what do they really mean, what are their motives in making these statements, …
the UK Brexit position papers are probably far more professional, more numerous and more detailed than the EU papers but one paper is missing, the paper on the breakdown of the, so called, divorce settlement, just how can Juncker and Barnier be so naive, do they really think they can fool the people all the time!

But of course what is really happening is that the EU team are rather impressed and on the back foot, their negotiating position has been exposed as non-existent and at best weak, so all they have left is sarcasm and personal attacks designed to undermine the credibility of David Davis but all it does is make him stronger and the other ace David Davis has is that he actually understands negotiation, his preparedness for the Brexit negotiations is to be admired.

Yes we do have the Remain side, Labour, Lib Dem’s, SNP, Greens, Welsh Labour and of course we also have Heseltine, Major, Clark & co all revelling in the EU sarcasm and supporting the EU against their own country and government but they are just feeding off the scraps to try and thwart Brexit and they will if we give them half a chance.

That is a chance we must never give them, Brexit is about democracy, freedom of speech, the freedom to make our own laws and freedom to control our own borders, it is not about trade or freedom of movement, they are bi-products, important bi-products but nevertheless bi-products of Brexit and subject to negotiation.

The negotiation, from the UK point of view, are sad, disappointing and very frustrating but we can be proud of the superior preparedness of David Davis and his team, one thing we must push on with is the completion of plan B and be prepared for a period of no-deal!

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