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Brexit means Brexit and the Remainers who just won’t accept it!

Islam, Understanding the Religion and its Role in the World
Trump is President elect, WOW! Donald Trump President Elect.

Brexit means Brexit, that favourite mantra of Theresa May and of course the remainers keep on saying they don’t understand what brexit actually means but where were they during the Referendum campaign because the voting public were listening and I can assure you they understood exactly what Brexit meant and means!

No one can say that they don’t understand brexit after the following speech by Theresa May  

Let us debunk a few myths

  1. Leave won by a small margin – nonsense more people voted for Leave than have ever voted for anything in the history of the UK and the margin was greater than most general elections, considering every lever of the establishment, opposition parties, half the newspapers and the BBC were brought to bear on the leave campaign, including the £9.5m spent by the government on the remain glossy leaflet to every household you have to wonder what the margin would have been if there had been a level playing field!

  2. We are a divided nation – total nonsense in the sense that if that is the case we are divided after every vote and that applies to every election worldwide, people vote different ways, it doesn’t mean we are divided, just that some were on the losing side in an election, as with any general election.

  3. The ‘leave’ side won by telling lies – and this is the biggest lie of all, yes all sides do exaggerate but the real exaggerations and all the lies came from remain, they also took basic facts put forward by leave and presented them as lies, for instance:
    the public was not told that we would be leaving the single market – I heard Cameron, Osborne, Gove, Johnson and Patel all say that if we left the EU it would mean leaving the single market and customs union, it also confirmed in the £9.5m glossy leaflet to every household that leaving the EU meant leaving the single market and the customs union, indeed you cannot leave the EU without this happening, if we remained members of the single market and customs union we would still be subject to EU dictates and would have achieved nothing.
    the leave campaign promised to spend all the £350m weekly EU contribution on the NHS – plainly nonsense and a lie propagated by remain, we get about half back to fund projects but we have no control over where it is spent and of the £175m or so left some could obviously be invested in the NHS. £350m is our weekly contribution, we don’t control any of it but we are taking back that control.
    it will cost the UK between £30 and 50billion as a divorce settlement – there is NO requirement within the Lisbon Treaty to continue paying into the EU after we leave nor to pay any more than our agreed contribution up until that date. The EU will try and play hard ball and so must we in return but in the end, the UK will prosper.
    it will be disaster if the UK has to leave the EU without an agreement and drop back onto WTO terms – if the UK leaves the EU without a free trade deal we will still be able to trade with the single market, just as every other country in the world does and our government will, via taxation, ensure that the UK is not uncompetitive. Don’t forget, the bulk of our 56% of trade which goes outside the EU is already based on WTO terms and not negotiating a sensible trade deal with the UK will damage the EU far more than the UK
    It could take 10 years plus to finalise leaving the EU and negotiate trade deals – during the EU referendum Cameron and Osborne came up with all sorts of doom and gloom forecasts which were all based on the assumption that the government of the day did nothing to stimulate the economy, similarly one economist said it would take well over two years to negotiate our exit from the EU and then another 5 to 10 years to negotiate trade deals and what utter nieve nonsense. The government are not going to sit on their hands until we have left the UK, we are and will be negotiating trade deals in parallel with the EU exit negotiations with the intention that we start signing new trade deals at the point we leave the UK, we will still have our 40%+ trade with the EU, on whatever terms, plus new trade deals worldwide, it is important going forward that we increase our trade to the EU whilst at the same time making EU trade a smaller proportion of the total.
    if we leave the European Court of Human Rights jurisdiction we will be seen on the same level as China and Russia in Human Rights terms – nonsense, we did not need the Human Rights Act embedded into our law to make the UK a leader in Human Rights, we always have been a world leader, relevant to the times, in Human Rights and our own UK bill of rights will replace it maintaining our position in the world as a bastion of ‘Common Sense’ Human Rights, Tony Blair did not invent Human Rights when he embedded the Human Rights Act into UK Law.
    Theresa May does not know exactly what brexit will look like – well, yes, she does not know exactly because she has not negotiated it yet but she has a fair idea of the eventual possible outcomes and in any negotiation you must retain the right to walk away and I expect us to walk away several times before the final agreement. The UK must not bend to bullying and the EU has to understand that we intend to conclude our exit from the EU within 2 years!

I hope that covers most of the main points, brexit is a major negotiation and some of those negotiations will be hard, it is exactly like a game of poker and we must not be the first to blink because we actually have the least to lose and substantially the most to gain, we also must not tie the hands of our negotiators.

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Islam, Understanding the Religion and its Role in the World
Trump is President elect, WOW! Donald Trump President Elect.
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