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So, the Scientists say our brain’s are at full capacity!

So the Scientists say our brain’s are at full capacity, they can’t get any smarter because they would be consuming too much power and of course we know that the earth is flat, don’t we, well don’t we?

What a load of rubbish, the body and our brain is still a wonder and in the case of the brain we are only just scratching the surface in understanding its full potential, it is in potentially the most powerful computer in the world, a true Neck Top Powerhouse Computer.

It is also a fact that currently we only use nominally 10/15% of our brains capacity, no-one gets a manual on how to work this fantastic computer and very few people in history have more than scratched the surface, so although in one way the scientists may be able to put a case together that shows the brain can’t get any smarter, maybe, but we still have 80%+ super intelligence to tap into so I don’t think we need to worry.

What we need to do is to find a way to capitalize fully on the truly amazing capacity of our very own Neck Top Super Computers!


Some reading on the subject, from the scientists!

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