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Boris Johnson or the BBC/Eddie Mair, which is the nasty piece of work!

We didn’t need the BBC to tell us that Boris Johnson has been a bit of a rogue during his life, we didn’t need the BBC to tell us he had been in a few scrapes, we all know this but Boris is a politician who actually has a life, is extremely intelligent and stands for something a lot of the electorate can identify with which is more than can be said of Eddie Mair and his nasty interview of Boris Johnson.

The BBC displayed its left-wing agenda and its lack of impartiality when it set out to try to destroy Boris Johnson during the Addie Mair interview on the Andrew Marr Show but the stories and accusations they raised were from over 20 years ago, this was gutter journalism at its worst!


boris johnson
Boris Johnson
Mayor of London

Hardly anything about his excellent work as Mayor of London and the only current question was about his interest in the job of Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister, which is perfectly acceptable as was  Boris Johnson’s answer.

Trying to twist even that to discredit  him, obviously Johnson is an ambitious politician, a politician with charisma with an interest in advancing his political career and as with most politicians in the top flight he sometimes dreams about achieving the goal but that does not make him the chief mischief-maker in a plot against David Cameron!

I am sure that if David Cameron resigned or could not carry the required majority then numerous loyal Conservative big guns would show an interest, William Hague, Michael Gove, Theresa May and David Davis to name just a few, that does not make then disloyal to David Cameron, neither does Johnson’s ambition.

Once again the BBC showed its hate of the Conservative Party, which stems from the Margaret Thatcher era and its left-wing agenda, for an organisation which is supposed to be non-political and impartial it is one of the most left-wing leaning organisations in the country.

I don’t think Johnson handles the interview very well, he was completely shaken by the ambush which was incredulous, unbelievable and a sad example of the depths to which the BBC has sunk, this was gutter journalism at its very worst and marks another low point in the history of the BBC!

Let us see what the public thinks, comment below, do you think the BBC was acting within its charter and in the public interest to hijack a major politician on hearsay from over 25 years ago and everything was in the public domain anyway, nothing new, just gutter journalism, please comment below and if you like this article LIKE us on the ‘Its just life’ FACEBOOK page.


STOP PRESS the documentary on Boris Johnson on Sunday night was excellent and will not have done him any harm, watch the Boris Johnson documentary now if you missed it, watch it before the BBC takes it down!


boris johnson



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Is this really the sort of journalism the BBC should get involved in and should the BBC only represent Left-Wing issues and agendas in a totally bias way such as climate change for example!

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