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Baroness Ashton, Who?

Baroness Ashton (Cathy Ashton) the worlds most highly paid female politician!

Effectively she is Europe’s Foreign Secretary and has a track record for seeking to appease Muslims by wiping out any reference to the Christian faith in statements, press releases etc.

A row erupted on Wednesday when a meeting of EU Foreign Ministers chaired by Baroness Ashton broke up after failing to agree a statement about religious persecution in Egypt and Iraq.

Firstly we have to stop pandering to all the other faiths, respect them yes but if anything within the Christian faith upsets them then tough and if their faith can’t handle it then it is just not robust enough, there are lots of thing which upset me in the Muslim world but I respect their faith and there right to practice it, the Christian faith is robust enough not to let criticism throw it of course.

It is essential all our Foreign Ministers are able to freely comment, and yes, criticise – execution style killings, car bombs ans machete style attacks carried out on specific Christian targets must be condemned.

Baroness Ashton should stay with the EU when Britain pulls out and they are welcome


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Baroness Ashton, Who? | Phil rosie views

[…] Baroness Ashton, Who? […]