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Labour MP Alison McGovern’s breasts are ‘distracting’ to TV viewers!

Labour MP Alison McGovern is distracting’ TV viewers, Apparently!

A Labour MP has been criticised for ‘distracting’ male TV viewers with her ‘prominent cleavage’.

Alison McGovern, shadow city minister, has shared a letter on social media that she received after a TV appearance on Channel 4 News.

But where, now then Alison McGovern, Shadow City Minister is a lovely looking young lady and I am sure a very capable Shadow City Minister, it is an important role but how on earth is she distracting viewers with her cleavage, it is hardly visible!

In the photo Alison McGovern is rather modestly dressed and really anyone who honestly thinks she is showing too much cleavage needs to get out more and enjoy life.

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Labour MP Alison McGovern has shared a bizarre letter from a party member


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