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Politics, Thatcher, the Real History of that period!

Politics, Thatcher and Thatcherism, the BBC have always been uncomfortable to the point of hate towards the politics of Thatcherism and as such have, for as long as can be remembered, been in breach of their charter which embodies impartiality, they are much more comfortable with the politics of the left or minority groups!

Politics can be a very difficult subject to report impartially but despite all the political bias, venom from the Labour Party and women’s groups with an obvious struggle by the BBC, as a country, we did with Margaret Thatcher’s funeral exactly what we do well as a country.

 politicsWell, I think we have covered Margaret Thatcher and her funeral well over the past week and that is right considering her massive contribution to this country and her standing on the world stage but it is time to move on, before doing that a few comments on a BBC program on the Thatcher years I watched the other night, it was interesting the way some participants were rewriting history for their own legacy!

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When Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservative Party and later Prime Minister she was not expected to last, the Conservative grey suits couldn’t accept that they were working for someone who wasn’t one of them and the rest of politics just thought it was an experiment which would fail, how can everyone be so wrong.

Thatcher had a real job forcing through her policies, if she had failed then this country would still have been run by the Unions to this day, who would have been regular visitors to Downing Street and made this country substantially poorer, there was no one in politics at that time, or any time, who could have forced through the policies so badly needed to save this country, certainly Heseltine, Howe, Patten and Clarke were anything but capable and would have been disaster.

It has been said that Thatcher’s mistake when, for instance, closing down the Mines was not planning for another industry to replace them but that was impossible, Arthur Scargill would not have accepted that and would not have cooperated, all Scargill and the other Unions were interested in was increasing their power, influence and creating a permanent left-wing society, neither was Scargill interested in the miners, just the power they gave him, remember Scargill took the miners out on strike without a National Ballot, he would never have won approval but the ballot box was not his thing!

Thatcher succeeded because of her own love of her country, drive and determination with the help of loyal lieutenants Norman Tebbit, Cecil Parkinson, Airey Neave and Ian Gow along with a few others, of course by the time Thatcher was defeated Tebbit her natural successor, who was never the same after the Brighton bomb, was out of politics, Cecil Parkinson was out of influential politics and Neave and Gow had been assassinated by the IRA, Neave before she even became Prime Minister. Ian Gow was killed in July 1990, if just he had lived there is no question Thatcher would have won the leadership vote, she was so close to victory anyway with over half the party.

It was interesting watching Patten and particularly Howe, obviously trying to repair relationships in her memory but also rewriting a little history in their favour particularly about Europe, Howe was saying that Thatcher’s opposition to further integration within the European Union was the cause of the splits and poison within the Conservative Party over the European Union and the Euro-Zone but that is where Howe, Patten, Clarke, Heseltine & co are rewriting history because Thatcher’s views on the European Union were mainstream public opinion and have been proven 100% correct!

It was Howe, Clarke, Patten, Heseltine & Company who caused, and to a certain extent still cause, the poison and splits within the Conservative Party over Europe all for their dream which had no public support and would have ruined the country but they are of a breed who believed in the right to rule, in spite of the people, Margaret Thatcher was not of this type, she was for the little man, the individual, the freedom to exercise choice and to follow aspiration and opportunity.

Thatcher was one of a kind the like of we will never see again, a woman of her time, at the right time who virtually had her entire government devastated by the thugs and murderers of the IRA but still fought on to make this country an immeasurably better place!      

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