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Margaret Thatcher – the Sad People Celebrating her Death!

Sad to see people actually celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher, they are not from the traditional political parties who recognised her achievements and greatness but from the far left, Unions, Irish Republicans and the Argentinians but you just couldn’t have achieved what Margaret Thatcher achieved without breaking a few eggs!

After the mess left by the Labour government in 1979 if Margaret Thatcher had not tackled the problems head on we would still be the Sick Man of Europe


margaret thatcher
Margaret Thatcher
1925 – 2013

When Margaret Thatcher took office, Great Britain was a county in trouble with Inflation in double figures, unemployment was on the rise, the top income tax rate stood at 83% and the country was being racked by one labour strike after another, oh and don’t forget we had just gone cap in hand to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) for a loan.

The Unions ruled the roost, the miners had effectively ended the Heath government in 1974, British Steel was losing in todays terms £billions a year it was old-fashioned and inefficient, our once proud Motor industry as a shambles riddles with strikes and rampant self-interest.

To say that Margaret Thatcher destroyed our manufacturing base is a cop-out, it was destroying itself from within, the Unions destroyed our manufacturing base in the name of power and helped by poor management without the courage to take the Unions on, Margaret Thatcher actually saved our manufacturing base from its own self-destruction and we now have one of the most vibrant vehicle manufacturing industries in the world, not British owned but British management and design employing thousands of British workers!

It is, I suppose, sad, immature but understandable that the far left and the Trades Unions didn’t like her because she forced them to acknowledge democracy and gave their members freedom and choice, even to not be a Union member if they so wished, it destroyed the power base of unelected union leaders who were destroying the country economically and morally.

The Argentinians would say that Margaret Thatcher went to war over the Falklands for electoral reasons but it was actually for electoral reasons that Argentina invaded the Falklands whilst actually in negotiation with the British government, they did not treat the islanders well but Margaret Thatcher set them free!

Then of course we come to the Irish Republicans like Gerry Adams, a terrorist we allowed back into the democratic process only for Gerry Adams to treat that process with contempt, she would never give in to terrorism or the IRA shoot to kill, maim and bomb policy which killed many innocent men, women and children both in Northern Ireland and on mainland UK. 

These murderers are still protected, we spent £200m on the Saville enquiry into Bloody Sunday to prove nothing that we did not already know other than some soldiers may have panicked but where are the enquiries into the many, carefully planned IRA atrocities? 

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