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Leveson Report and the Conservative Response, note Conservative!

So now we have the Conservative response and proposals for the regulation of the press following the Leveson enquiry and note this is a Conservative response, they have no support from their coalition partners who are ever more the opposition within, must work with them just can’t trust them!

So what do we think to the Conservative proposals for the best way to implement Leveson and the recommendations from Leveson which will be included, a good start would be to look at…!

levesonWhilst I don’t intend to go through the Conservative proposals in detail, I haven’t had chance to read and think them through in-depth the guiding principle has to be the protection of a free press, statutory regulation of the press has to be avoided at all costs, our free press, even with all the problems is the envy of the world.

Another reason against statutory regulation of the press is that the horrendous abuses by sections of the press which led to the setting up of the Leveson Enquiry would not be stopped by the Leveson proposals but they were all punishable and punished under existing law.

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Remember what I have just said when you are listening to the various groups pressing to put the press in a straight jacket, whether we implement Leveson in full and go for full statutory control of the press or we go down the Conservative route of a Royal Charter neither would have stopped the abuses that happened and they would still be punished under existing law.

So why then are Labour and the Lib Dem’s pushing for full implementation of Leveson and statutory control, put simply neither party is really a party of democracy other than in word, Labour are only interested in democracy if they win every time, Tony Blair openly said in a speech that he planned to make it impossible for the Conservative Party to ever win power again and he set about achieving this by gerrymandering with the electoral boundaries and allowing millions of immigrants to come in on the assumption that they would be mainly Labour Voters! Labour are also after revenge on the Murdoch empire for withdrawing their support from the Labour Party at the 2010 general election for which they will never forgive them.

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The Lib Dem’s treat democracy as a nuisance, they are continually trying to change our voting system to Proportional Representation (PR) which is the most undemocratic voting system known to man but it would virtually guaranty the Lib Dem’s permanent power and it would fit in with the other anti-democratic voting systems within the European Union to which they are wedded.

Both Labour and Lib Dem parties can therefore see great advantage in shattling the press but no matter how reviled the press is we must not countenance anything other than a totally free, self-regulated press and I repeat they are not supporting Leveson and statutory control to stop the abuses because it won’t, all the abuses by the press have been investigated and the culprits punished under existing law, those punishments are the single biggest deterrent to abuses by the press because they now know they will be caught and the punishments are harsh!

This is a hot topic so have you say, comment below and if you disagree then brilliant we have a debate. 

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